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I am candidate for the job of Mayor of Ottawa.  If elected, I will serve as the Mayor for the next 4 years.  The reason I have chosen to run for the Office of the Mayor is to improve the quality of life for all Ottawans and make Ottawa the best place to live.  I will bring our City into the 21st Century.  I will contribute my talents, skills, ideas, and leadership abilities to our City and make it a World Capital.
The election will take place November 13, 2006.

Picture shows Piotr Anweiler with Mayor Larry O'Brien during the debate in Kanata.

Ottawa November 10, 2006
Good morning Ottawans
I would like to announce my decision that can have an influence on Monday's Election and Ottawa's future.
OTTAWA SUN Press Release: I support O'BRIEN

Larry O'Brien gives Piotr Anweiler a hug on Merivale Road after he threw his support behind O'Brien's campaign for mayor.

From the left: Bob Chiarelli Ottawa Mayor 2000-2006, Jane Scharf, Piotr Anweiler, Alex Munter, Larry O'Brien Ottawa Mayor 2006-2010 (five candidates for Mayor of Ottawa 2006 after the dabate in Immaculata High School.

Four Candidates for Mayor after the third Orleans debate      From the left in first row Mayor O'Brien 2006-2010, Mayor Chiarelli 2000-2006, Piotr Anweiler, Councillor Munter 1991-2003 

It Cost Less to Move Less

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Piotr and Elizabeth May (Green Party Leader) March 2007

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